How to find Child Pornography on the Internet- Part I

Go ahead and try. Google “child pornography.” You won’t find any. Try it in Google Images. Not there. Try variations: kiddie porn, kids having sex, pedo images… knock yourself out- whatever you can think of- it’s not there. We know there are millions of images of the sexual abuse of children floating around the internets; it’s kind of amazing that it’s all somewhere else.

The first thing you should know is that people who like to view images of children being used sexually get quite a kick out of common, legal, everyday life images- bathtub shots, bathing suits at the beach, sitting on laps, eating ice cream… the list is endless.

But then there are the soft-core images manufactured for consumption by pedophiles. These are Preteen Modeling sites, of which there are a ton. Images of bathing suit and underwear modeling by young- and very young- girls are totally legal as long as the genitals are covered. These girls are put into the same poses as adult woman pornography models are, and often made up and coiffed the same, too.

If you are very thorough in your search, you might come across some art photos, some medical, some anthropological: depictions of childhood nudity (and nakedness) are permitted as long as they aren’t lewd. Nudist (naturist) photos are OK as well, as long as the genitals are not displayed prominently or lasciviously manner. (SCOTUS: Miller, Ferber)

In Part II I will tell you how to find hardcore child pornography.


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